Gender Affirming Procedures

Can Cisgender Women Get Facial Feminization Surgery?

For transgender women and those assigned male at birth, it can be a daily struggle to feel comfortable with their appearance. Physical features that don’t accurately represent who they are can be emotionally and physically draining to contend with day after day. These individuals are more likely to pursue gender affirmation surgery, frequently referred to as gender confirmation surgery (GCS). These procedures can be full-body surgeries or concentrate on various areas. When the goal is to address male facial features and make long-lasting, life-altering changes, facial feminization surgery may be the place to start.

While patients of facial feminization surgeries may primarily be transgender women, there are many reasons these procedures are viable options for patients assigned female at birth. Some cisgender women feel their features are masculine or that they lack the classically soft, feminine look they desire.

Can Cisgender Women Get FFS?

Cisgender females often pursue facial feminization surgery when they wish to achieve a better outward representation of their gender identity. Any patient may be a candidate for facial feminization, regardless of gender, if they meet the qualifications. One requirement for most cosmetic surgeries is that the patient is in overall good health with no underlying conditions that could impact their safety during the procedure or recovery period. Each surgeon will have a parameter of requirements. A consultation is the best way to be sure individuals are good candidates for surgery.

What FFS Options Exist For Cisgender Females?

There are many procedure options for FFS. Every patient will have differing expectations for their surgery. Fortunately, FFS is customizable, meaning patients can tailor the procedure to their desires. Some of the changes facial feminization can accomplish include:

  • Adjusting the size and shape of the nose to create a softer look
  • Lowering the hairline to decrease the size of the forehead
  • Shaving the brow or orbital bone, making the eyebrows less prominent
  • Creating a less square jawline, producing a less masculine appearance of the jaw and neck
  • Adding definition to the cheekbones for a sharper, more dramatic feature
  • Narrowing the overall facial structure
  • Achieving a classically feminine appearance

Other facial feminization procedures exist for individuals with additional concerns they wish to correct. A consultation with a surgeon specializing in facial feminization will help candidates decide what procedures are best for them.

Is Facial Feminization Surgery Right For Me?

Facial feminization surgery is a viable option for women with more than one facial feature they would like to alter. Cisgender women may have experienced unbalanced hormone levels or other medical conditions that have left them with more masculine features. These women may wish to pursue FFS to gain confidence and add femininity to their appearance.


Cisgender women who qualify for facial feminization surgery can pursue many alterations to their features to produce a soft, delicate profile. Women concerned with masculine features can schedule a consultation with Dr. Javad Sajan, a renowned facial feminization surgeon. This appointment will help candidates learn more about this customizable procedure and eventually realize their goal of a more delicate, feminine face.