Gender Affirming Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery: A Source Of Empowerment For The LGBT Community

Cosmetic procedures do more than create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These surgeries provide confidence and self-esteem that can dramatically alter the patient’s life for the better. This boost of positive body image can empower individuals to feel confident in a body that accurately represents their identity.

Fighting Stigmas

Society has established cisgender women as the primary target for cosmetic surgeries for many years; however, transgender women and men, as well as non-binary individuals, are leading the trend in a new direction. These patients are establishing a new normal where anyone who wants to create the best version of themselves can opt to undergo plastic surgery.

For years, stigmas have surrounded the cosmetic surgery industry, causing people to shy away from having procedures or even from admitting that they had a cosmetic operation. Men were prone to dismissing the idea of surgery simply because it was considered a sign of vanity. Today, with improvements in cosmetic surgery and the invention and practice of non-surgical treatments, more men are choosing these procedures.

Members of the LGBT community have contributed to decreasing the stigmas attached to cosmetic surgery. Influencers with varying sexual and gender identities and well-known drag queens have documented their journeys as they undergo cosmetic procedures. These personal stories have helped create an open dialogue and diminished society’s stigmas about cosmetic surgery.

LGBT Community & The Importance Of Positive Body Image

The gay community is very body-conscious, which is both a positive and a negative mindset to have. Being conscious of your body and looks should prompt people to take care of themselves physically by exercising and eating well. However, the emphasis the gay community puts on body image can cause some members, particularly gay and bisexual men, to be very critical of their own bodies. Transgender individuals may experience this same emotion since their bodies often do not match their gender identity.

While cosmetic surgery is not the answer for every person, it has opened the doors to a new approach to achieving a positive body image. The LGBT community now has a more accepting view of various body types in addition to supporting the people who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery to accomplish the body image they desire.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery For The LGBT Community

Cosmetic surgery can produce a positive impact on anyone, but it has provided the LGBT community with several benefits specific to them.

The reduction in stigmas attached to cosmetic procedures has led to more accessible care for those who identify as members of the LGBT community. Surgeons have designed procedures that are customized to suit transgender patients, including male-to-female and facial feminization. Gay and bisexual men can pursue cosmetic procedures without feelings of vanity. The open documentation of personal LGBT experiences with cosmetic surgery has helped more people feel confident in choosing these procedures.

The development of positive body image has also changed the way people view plastic surgery. These procedures can alter an individual’s life and help them fully achieve the body they feel best aligns with their identity.


Though society has stamped many stigmas on cosmetic surgery through the years, the rise in LGBT community members publicly sharing their stories of body and facial contouring has sparked a new and accepting energy around cosmetic procedures. These surgeries can help people of every gender and sexual identity have the positive body image and self-confidence they desire.

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