Gender Affirming Procedures

Hip Growth MTF HRT Body Changes

Beginning hormone replacement therapy as part of a male-to-female transition can lead to several changes in the body, even without surgery. One of these is the widening of the hips. Depending on what age a patient begins HRT at, a chemical transition can cause the bone to grow and create wider, more womanly hips. However, in most people, regardless of age, MTF hormone replacement therapy usually causes the redistribution of fat, naturally making the hips carry more fat. Thus, widening and enlarging them.

This can also happen to the breasts. Redistributing fat and replacing male hormones with female hormones can help the breasts grow. However, how much the hips and breasts grow depends on several factors. Therefore, it is normal for some transgender women to seek further transition via surgery or cosmetic procedures. 

Fat transfer to the hips is a common gender-affirming procedure that involves harvesting fat with liposuction. Often, Dr. Sajan will strategically choose fat in places that men tend to carry it such as the abdomen, outer thighs, and flanks. He then transfers it to the hips to create a more feminine figure. This same procedure is also used to augment the breasts and buttocks. The decision to undergo this form of transition is entirely a personal decision. Not all transgender people find it necessary to undergo physical transitions with medical procedures which is a perfectly valid and understandable choice.


Other Potential Changes Seen From MTF Hormone Therapy

HRT does not just cause the redistribution of fat and the potential for breast growth. It also helps feminize the body in other ways:

  • Reduce and thin body hair
  • Skin produces less oil
  • Softer feeling skin
  • Help stop or (sometimes) reverse male pattern baldness
  • Less muscle mass

However, hormones cannot change specific masculine traits on the face. For example, the shape of the jawline, brow ridge, chin, Adam’s apple, and nose will not significantly change. Some people may already have some feminine features or see moderate changes due to fat redistribution, but HRT will not alter the bone structure of the face.


To address this, patients may decide to undergo MTF facial feminization surgery which can help reshape bone structure and other areas unaffected by hormone therapy. A facial feminization surgery can help create more feminine contours of the face and is perfectly customized to fit the patient’s current and future features based on their goals and medical history.



Dr. Javad Sajan is one of the leading MTF facial feminization surgeons in the United States. He also performs body feminization procedures such as Brazilian butt lift, MTF breast augmentation, and liposuction and fat transfer. Dr. Sajan is one of the only surgeons in the world who performs facial feminization and hair transplant surgery within the same surgical session. He uses his expertise to keep this procedure safe and effective in the right patient.


To learn more about MTF facial feminization and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-990-0060. Patients can also reach out online via chat and contact form.