Gender Affirming Procedures

‘13 Reasons Why’ Star Tommy Dorfman Comes Out As Transgender

These days, more people are pursuing cosmetic procedures, and not just for anti-aging purposes. Some patients turn to plastic surgery to add a physical element to their gender transition process. When patients with gender dysphoria decide to transition their bodies, they have a wide range of surgeries to achieve their transformations.

One such patient starred in the 2017 Netflix teen drama/psychological thriller called 13 Reasons Why. In the summer of 2021, Tommy Dorfman, the actress who played Ryan Shaver in the show, came out as a transgender woman. As Tommy put it, her “coming out” was more of a “reintroduction “ to the world. She felt that she had always been feminine despite being assigned the male gender at birth.

Tommy said she had been living as a woman for a year before her reintroduction. During this time, she underwent gender-affirming procedures. While we can’t speculate on Tommy’s procedures or treatments, we can walk you through the common surgeries that create a feminine body and face.

Transgender Body Procedures

  • MTF Breast Augmentation

Male-to-female breast augmentation is one of the most popular gender-affirming body procedures. You can choose the breast implant size and material that fits your body. Opting to have breast augmentation can help produce a truly feminine figure.

  • Body Feminization

An effective way to create the curves of the feminine body is to have body feminization surgery. This procedure involves liposuction to remove fat from the areas the male body typically stores, such as the waist. After purifying the fat, the surgeon will inject it into places that help achieve a feminine silhouette, like the hips.

  • Fat Transfer To Breasts

During body feminization, you can choose to have some of the fat the surgeon removes transferred to your chest. Fat transfer to your chest is an excellent option if you want a natural-looking chest.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift

Another fat transfer feminization procedure is the BBL (Brazilian butt lift). This surgery uses your fat to produce a more curvy shape of the buttocks, giving your body an overall feminine look.

  • Transgender Hair Transplant

If you suffer from genetic or male pattern baldness, you could benefit from a transgender hair transplant. This procedure will help you regain any self-confidence diminished by your hair loss. You’ll also get a beautiful head of lush, natural hair that you can style and cut.

Facial Feminization Surgeries

  • Cheek Implants

Males may have prominent, chiseled cheek structures, but females typically have a softer, rounded face. A good way to achieve this feminine feature is with cheek implants.

  • Lip Feminization

You can’t forget the lips if you’re on your facial feminization journey! A full, pouty mouth symbolizes femininity—pair lip implants with a lip lift to achieve the maximum effect.

  • Brow Lift/Bone Reduction

You want your eyes to be a bright, attention-catching part of your face. The best way to create a more feminine focal point is with a brow bone reduction. You can also get a brow lift to help increase the visibility of your eyes.

  • Hairline Feminization

Changing the shape of your hairline also forms a trait typically associated with females. If you have an M-shaped hairline, your surgeon can round it out to achieve a feminine look.

  • Orbital Bone Reduction

Another way to showcase your eyes is with an orbital bone reduction. Those assigned male at birth tend to have thicker bone structure, including facial bones. An orbital bone reduction will help reduce the prominence of this male trait and give it a female twist.

  • Jawline Feminization

A sharp, angular jawline is a male feature that may not align with your gender identity. Jawline feminization can form a rounded jaw that gives you a soft, feminine lower face.

Transform Your Physical Appearance

Feminization surgeries are helping many people, including celebrity Tommy Dorfman, live out their true gender identity. Today, Tommy has completed her transition and continues to work as a well-known actress in Hollywood.

You can achieve a feminine look that reflects your inner self through body and facial procedures. If you’re ready to take the next steps toward your physical transition, schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced gender-affirming plastic surgeon today.