Gender Affirming Procedures

How To Deal With MTF Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is defined as a feeling or intense sense of incongruence between someone’s gender assigned at birth and their personal sense of gender. Often, gender dysphoria is localized to specific parts of the body or defining gender attributes such as voice deepness or body hair. However, patients can also experience a more generalized sense of gender dysphoria.

The severity of gender dysphoria also ranges quite widely. Some patients may feel that it is more like a nagging insecurity while others may become suicidal or extremely depressed due to it. Additionally, some—though not the majority—of transgender patients do not experience any gender dysphoria.

Treatment for gender dysphoria can vary based on the patient’s age, preferences, and presentation of gender dysphoria. Talk therapy, hormone therapy, and gender affirming surgery are all possible treatments. Below are a few other ways to deal with MTF gender dysphoria.

1: Find Support Groups

MTF and transgender support groups exist both in real life and online. Facebook groups, Discord servers, and local LGBT organizations are great places to begin looking for people going through (or who have gone through) the same thing.

2: Use Items To Help Express Gender

Outwardly wearing what you want can help ease some feelings of gender dysphoria. But, not all transgender people can or feel safe to transition. In these cases, there are certain items that are less visible, but can help transgender women express their gender identity in a subtler way. A few examples include wearing padding to create body curves, wearing natural looking makeup, removing body hair, and wearing breast forms to give the appearance of breasts.

3: Take Time To Affirm Yourself Everyday

This can take many forms. Perhaps it is telling yourself in the mirror that your body does not define your gender, or it could simply be identifying aspects of yourself that you do like and that do not cause dysphoria. This could include parts of the body, but is not limited to the body. Personality traits, accomplishments, and acknowledging what you are good at are all great ways to affirm yourself and your identity everyday.

4: Get Gender Affirming Surgery

For those who are able, gender affirming surgery is one of the most effective treatments for gender dysphoria. For MTF patients, this can include a breast augmentation, body contouring, and facial feminization. Facial feminization refers to a combination of several different facial surgeries customized to the patient’s needs. Examples of procedures included in FFS: brow bone reduction, lip lift, rhinoplasty, jaw contouring, and liposuction.


Gender dysphoria can be a life-altering and life-threatening condition. Dr. Javad Sajan has treated hundreds of patients experiencing varying levels of gender dysphoria. Working with them, he helps craft non-surgical and surgical plans to fit the patient’s goals and preferences. He takes time to evaluate each patient individually and create a treatment plan that will help reduce their gender dysphoria.

To contact Dr. Javad Sajan’s office located in Seattle, WA, call us at 206-990-0060. Patients can also reach out online via chat or contact form.