Gender Affirming Procedures

Does Estrogen Stop Facial Hair Growth (MTF)?

For some people transitioning from male to female, taking estrogen hormones is a natural part of their transition. Known as a “chemical transition,” estrogen causes several changes to the body that make it appear more feminine. One of the most noticeable changes is the redistribution of fat from areas where males hold fat to where females hold fat. This can also result in a small amount of breast growth. However, many ask, “Does taking estrogen stop facial hair growth?”

Estrogen does help thin facial hair and causes it to grow slower. However, it is unlikely that all facial hair growth will cease with estrogen alone. Though, notably, patients who start estrogen earlier in life will likely see less facial hair left behind than those who started it much later. Many transgender women undergo laser hair removal or other permanent hair removal solutions to address their facial hair. However, a much-loved benefit is that estrogen does often stop or slow a receding hairline significantly. In some cases, it can grow back to a certain extent.

Depending on many factors, such as when the patient started on estrogen, their genetics, and the extent of their hair loss, some transgender women choose to undergo a surgery known as hairline feminization. This surgery moves the hairline forward to better match a traditionally feminine-appearing hairline. A surgery such as hairline feminization can benefit even patients who have not seen significant hairline hair loss. However, the patients expected to benefit most from it are transgender women who have experienced more advanced stages of a receding hairline.

Hairline feminization involves removing skin on the scalp and physically stitching the hairline further forward. Sometimes a hair transplant can also help thicken the hairline and improve its position. Patients sometimes undergo both procedures and Dr. Sajan frequently performs them during the same surgical session—one of the few surgeons in the United States who does so.

Removing Unwanted Facial Hair

While patients often want to thicken the hair on their scalp, transgender women may seek out procedures to remove the hair on their face and neck. Laser hair removal is a common solution that Dr. Sajan’s team offers in his office. For patients who do not qualify for laser hair removal, electrolysis is another permanent hair removal option.

Of course, some patients opt to regularly shave or wax. Not one solution is better than the other. Whatever is easier for the patient, within their budget, and fits their lifestyle is the best option for them.


Dr. Javad Sajan is more than happy to help address all concerns transgender women may have. Whether it be with their face, body, or unwanted hair, he can help them find a solution that works for them. He is one of the leading surgeons performing gender affirming procedures in the United States. Dr. Sajan specializes in male to female gender affirmation surgeries including single session facial feminization, breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift.

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