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How To Get Rid Of Beard Shadow MTF

Transgender women face many challenges when it comes to presenting their identity. Beards can become problematic, even with regular shaving. Transgender women often face a constant battle with the beard shadow that can appear on the same day they shave. Additionally, shaving your face constantly can create skin problems and further increase a beard shadow.   


If beard shadow is causing you to feel insecure and struggle with gender dysphoria, we have the perfect tips and tricks to combat unwanted facial hair and let your smooth skin shine.

Thoroughly Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Skin

Before shaving your face, thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating your skin can prevent quick hair growth. This will help remove dead skin cells so your shave can get as close to the base of the hair follicles as possible. Additionally, hydrating your skin can help your shave last longer. Using oils and deep moisturizers after you shave can keep your skin shadow-free for longer than usual.

Incorporate Vitamins 

A shadow around the face can be due to a lack of vitamin E and iron. Try changing your diet and incorporating vitamins that contain vitamin E. Green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are high in iron and lean red meat. Adding more vitamin E and iron into the diet can lighten the skin and lessen the appearance of a beard shadow. 

Careful Shaving

Always use shaving cream and adequate razor when you shave your face. Don’t use an old razor, which can irritate the skin and cause discoloration. When you shave, pull the skin tight and use careful strokes that go with the skin on the first shave. After this, reapply the shaving cream and use the same method to go against the grain to ensure you shaved the hair follicles fully. Do not apply too much pressure, as light strokes are less likely to irritate the skin and cause discoloration. 

Hair Removal Cream 

Hair removal creams can be beneficial for eliminating the appearance of a beard shadow because they break down the keratin in the hair follicles, which delays the growth of the hair. Using a hair removal cream while you shave can further delay unwanted hair growth on the face. However, it’s best to test a small section before trying it on your entire face, as some hair removal creams can have harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation.   

Laser Hair Removal 

While all of these steps can help prevent a beard shadow, the best way to ensure your facial hair stays gone and doesn’t produce a shadow is to get laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a more permanent solution and destroys the root of the hair follicles, allowing the skin to stay smooth and shadow-free. You can also try MTF hairline surgery at Feminization Surgeries.


At Feminization Surgeries, Dr. Javad Sajan is dedicated to helping transgender women achieve confidence and happiness in presenting to the world. Gender dysphoria can be a significant battle, but Dr. Sajan works to help every patient achieve their goals and feel like who they are. He provides fantastic laser hair removal and products to fight skin discoloration for every transgender patient.