Gender Affirming Procedures

Picking the Right FFS Surgeon

Are you opting for facial feminization surgery (FFS) and confused about how to choose a surgeon? Indeed, a good surgeon plays a major role in defining your looks after surgery. FFS involves softening the features, typically making it look more feminine. This is famous among transgender women, but anyone looking to make their features more soft can go for FFS. To get a more feminine appearance, patients prefer a smaller chin, small square jaw, small forehead, and less prominent eyebrows. Before jumping into finalizing your surgeon, you must consider the points mentioned below to make an informed decision. Let’s start!

How To Choose A Right FFS Surgeon?

There are some careful steps to choose the right surgeon for facial feminization surgery. From online reviews to gut feelings, you have to consider everything before going for this. Let’s have a quick look at the major points:

  • Board Certification: Nothing tops the list other than a board certification. The surgeon must have a certificate from a reputable organization. This is the most important and non-negotiable point to consider. Certification is earned after strenuous training and passing the exam, which makes the doctor deserve to do FFS.
  • FFS Specialization: Further to the certification, the surgeon must be specialized in FFS. No one but a surgeon specializing in FFS should perform the procedure. The FFS procedure requires special skills that are learned only in the specialization.
  • Online Reviews: Now that you understand the surgeon is board-certified, what about the reviews from the other clients? Look for original reviews on authentic sites like official websites or social media pages. If there is any negative review, check the response of the surgeon to that particular review. A positive, professional response to negative reviews makes a huge difference. Beware of the fake reviews on any social media account.
  • Meet The Surgeon: If you find that the surgeon has some good reviews, recommendations, and comments online then you must consider meeting the doctor to know him or her personally. Meeting personally can give you a good understanding of the knowledge of the surgeon. Moreover, it is important to notice the behavior, ethical inclination, listening skills, and communication skills too. The surgeon must be able to communicate risks effectively and must take you through the procedure in a simplified way. 
  • Ask Questions: At the time of personal conversation, clear all your doubts by asking as many questions as you can. This will help you understand the patience level, approach, and surgeon’s ability to understand your needs and answer your questions. During your visit, you can see the before and after of the various patients, if possible after proper consent.
  • Surgical Facilities: A personal visit also makes sure that you closely watch the surgical facilities. Ensure the surgery will be performed in an accredited surgical facility with proper equipment and a team of qualified anesthesiologists and nurses.
  • Cost: Always ask for the fees of the FFS. If the budget goes on the higher side, the surgeon must be able to offer you some other financial options to pay the fee, like a payment in installments.
  • Recovery Support: Make sure that the surgeon provides good recovery support. A good surgeon makes sure that the patient fully recovers, and for that, there must be follow-up sessions. Follow-up sessions are important to have a complete recovery without any unseen complications.
  • Data Protection and Respectful Communication: If you are considering feminization and want to keep it a secret, make sure that the surgeon has a good data protection system in place. The team must be respectful towards a decision protecting your identity as an individual.
  • Trust Your Gut: After all is said and done, go with your gut feelings. Maybe you just do not feel right even after all the conversations. Continue these steps until you have the feeling that this is the right surgeon for you, and then finalize for FFS.

Pivotal Steps in Choosing Best Surgeon

Choosing the right surgery and a surgeon are some of the major decisions when stepping into plastic surgery. The right surgeon will guide you through the procedure without scaring you. Looking at the qualifications, reviews, and testimonials, you can become sure that the surgeon is authentic. Look for surgeons with experience in FFS and a respectful approach to LGBTQ+ patients. Remember, it’s your journey, so take your time, trust your gut, and seek support.