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How Long After Starting Hrt Do You Feel A Difference MTF?

For transgender women, the initial stages of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, can feel long and grueling. However, HRT is an essential part of gender-affirming care and provides incredible benefits for MF patients.

If you are going through this process, it’s common to wonder how long it will take before you begin to notice the difference and feel the effects of HRT. 

Understanding Male To Female HRT

Male-to-female HRT uses estrogen doses to replace the main hormones in the body. It aids in the medical transition of a female transgender patient and promotes the development of female traits. Some of these traits include: 

  • Soft skin 
  • Development of breast tissue
  • Decreased muscle growth 
  • Displacement of body fat 
  • Gradually thins facial hair 
  • Gradually reduces the size of the testicles 


These are some of the results of HRT for transfeminine patients who begin treatment. However, the results can take quite some time before the effects are significant. Below is a general timeline of the effects of HRT on male-to-female transitioning. 

The First Three Months 

During the first three months of HRT therapy, you may notice your skin soften, and your oil production gradually decrease. Additionally, your facial hair may start to thin and become softer as the hair follicles adjust to the hormones. However, your libido may decrease as your body adjusts to the hormones. 

Three To Six Months 

More significant changes may develop during the HRT’s three- to six-month stage. During this time, muscle mass may decrease, and body fat may redistribute to other body areas. Additionally, you may notice your breast tissue increase as your fat transfers to your chest. The testicles can also become more minor, and your sperm count may lessen. However, sperm count is variable and depends on each individual patient. 

Six To Twelve Months 

More significant breast tissue and bodily changes are experienced after six to twelve months of HRT. Facial hair may stop, and your skin may be exceptionally soft. However, it can sometimes take two to three years of HRT therapy before transfeminine women experience the overall results. 

HRT Results For Transfeminine Patients 

While it can take some time to experience the results from HRT, the benefits are well worth the journey. Patients can experience the outstanding benefits of HRT for male-to-female transition. There are many necessary effects HRT creates that help patients find their comfort and eliminate gender dysphoria

Finding The Right Provider  

Before beginning HRT, finding the right provider to help you in your journey is essential. They will be able to provide you with the correct information and tools to help you on your journey. HRT for MTF transitioning can help alleviate gender dysphoria and open doors to a new life. 


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