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How Long Does It Take For HRT To Leave Your System MTF?

HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy which is frequently provided to transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people to aid in a gender transition. However, certain endocrine conditions, menopause, or genetic conditions can necessitate the need for hormone replacement therapy. Regardless of the reason a person takes HRT, they may have to stop it temporarily at times—or they may choose to discontinue it completely.


Reasons that someone may choose to stop HRT can include the diagnosis of certain medical conditions such as breast cancer or liver disease. Sometimes patients may only need to stop HRT temporarily to undergo surgery or medical procedures since certain hormones can increase some risks. This is common for transgender women because increased levels of estrogen (from the body’s initial starting amount) can put patients at risk of blood clots or worsen side effects.


But, how long does it take HRT to leave your system as an MTF person? Will it undo significant progress? When can you start HRT again? Let’s look into these questions and more.


Longevity Of HRT

Firstly, depending on the reason that you are going off of hormone replacement therapy, patients often see better results when slowly tapering down their dose. While this is not always possible in all situations, it can help make the transition off of HRT more bearable. Secondly, the amount of time that hormone replacement therapy lasts in the body is not only related to the drug itself. Biological and personal factors such as the patient’s weight, activity level, dosage, and how long they have been on HRT.


Some may see a significant reduction in HRT within a few days while others may not see it for a few weeks. However, many patients will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms and see certain aspects of their body return such as thicker body hair, hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats.


In the case of an MTF patient who is undergoing surgery with Dr. Sajan, he will generally recommend that they stop taking HRT around three weeks before surgery. This is not always necessary, but you should discuss the specifics of your hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Sajan so he can adequately make a customized plan.


When Can I Start HRT Again?

Like with stopping HRT, the timeline for restarting it can vary. Often, patients can start taking their hormones again within one to three weeks of their surgery. Dr. Sajan will closely monitor the patient to ensure it is safe for the patient to start up HRT again.



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