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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Bottom Surgery MTF?

Male to female bottom surgery can refer to a couple of different procedures. First, and most commonly used with the term bottom surgery, is a procedure that alters or removes the genitals to create genitals that resemble the patient’s gender identity. Dr. Sajan does perform this type of transgender surgery. However, he does perform the second possible meaning to MTF bottom surgery which is a Brazilian butt lift. BBL fat transfer surgery takes fat from elsewhere on the body and transfers it into the buttocks and hips to create a more feminine backside and physique. So, how long does it take to recover from this type of bottom surgery?

Patients can expect their initial recovery to last around two to three weeks. Patients will need this time off work and will need to avoid strenuous activities and exercise. This is the time when side effects such as pain, swelling, and bruising should begin to improve. Ongoing after this two to three week mark patients will need to continue sitting on their BBL pillow for at least six to eight weeks. This helps the fat settle evenly and prevents the transferred fat from not taking root in the buttocks.

In addition to continuing the use of the BBL pillow for several weeks, patients will need to wear their compression garments in the areas of the liposuction. This helps patients see the best possible results, reduce swelling, and have a more comfortable recovery. Typically, patients slowly reduce the amount of time they wear their compression garment over the course of many weeks. Compression garments can be comfortable work under clothing.

Usually, patients can return to light exercise and work within two to three weeks. More strenuous exercises such as intensive cardio and weight training will need to wait at least six weeks before resuming. However, every patient’s timeline may differ from one another slightly due to differences in medical history, healing, and the specific procedure.

In all, patients can expect to be back to work in about two weeks and return to full activities in about eight weeks. However, Dr. Sajan may provide varying instructions based on the specific procedure and patient. He customizes the surgery, recovery instructions, and his general recommendations to fit each patient and their situation. Ultimately, he hopes to help patients feel more like themselves.


Dr. Javad Sajan is a renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in transgender surgeries, including feminization surgeries such as BBL fat transfer for transgender women. He also performs the surgery on cisgender women, and he understands the nuances and differences between performing a BBL on a transgender woman versus a cisgender woman. Dr. Sajan also frequently combines feminization surgeries together so patients can recover from the procedures together, reducing overall recovery time and times undergoing general anesthesia.

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